Social Concern and Sustainability

Alongside sustainability, we have a motto:
Surfing should be for everyone.

Therefore, we have developed various activities within the local community, supported by the Lourinhã City Council, associations like ‘Tá a Mexer’, and funded by the European Union, with the aim of making surfing accessible to all and promoting healthy habits.

Preocupação Social e Sustentabilidade - UpRise

Our social concern

We participate in partnership with the Lourinhã Municipal Council in their holiday camps, thus providing a surfing experience to all, developing the skills and adaptation to the aquatic environment of children who often do not know how to swim but live by the sea.

In partnership with the Foundation of the renowned and record-breaking surfer of the largest wave ever surfed in Nazaré, Sebastian Steudtner, we have developed surf camps for children at risk of social exclusion.

In an attempt to make surfing accessible to as many people as possible, we offer reduced-price lessons to the community, made possible only through partnerships and internship programs with professional schools and sports universities in the region.


Leave your mark on the waves, not on the beaches!

Surfing cannot exist without nature and the oceans as we know them. It is urgent that we change our habits and impact on the environment.

The young people we educate today will be the future of our planet, and therefore, we believe that conveying the message of sustainability and environmental preservation is the best way to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Uprise has been adopting a Sustainable Tourism Policy in managing natural resources and reducing its impact on the environment and nature.

  • We support and encourage local commerce, promoting the consumption of products or services produced in the region whenever possible.

  • We work daily to ensure sustainability and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations' Agenda 2030. The Biosphere certification was recognition of this work that we have been developing over all these years.

  • We reduce water and electricity consumption and waste. We promote gender equality. We provide training to all our employees. We promote the reduction of plastic in our daily lives. We advocate for the preservation of dune and oceanic ecosystems.

  • We monitor our carbon footprint and commit to offset it year after year.

O mar dá
bom clima

No Planet B

The exciting climax of our WaveRoller

wave energy project

Do you want to be a true surfer?

Respect the code of conduct among surfers; we believe that passing it on to future generations is a way to build good character both in the water and in life in general.

What they say
about us

"The instructor provided the basic concepts so that we could have our first surf lesson in the best way, 100% profitable, safe, and fun, good equipment. Looking forward to repeating, thank you.”

Looking forward to repeating, thank you.”

Patrícia Silva

"The right people in the right place!! I will never forgetthose tips and insights on reading theocean that Daniel taught me; it was such a holistic approach! The best spots on Earth to learn to surf from scratch to an advanced level. "

Aleksandra Grzywacz

"Great teaching - very experienced, attentive and encouraging. Good new equipment and friendly and flexible approach. Can't wait to go back. "

Helen Alexander

Surf Spots

Our base is located at the Surf Camp.

To ensure you can surf the best waves for your level every day at the top spot, we have a mobile school.



In addition to the surf school, we can also organize activities that complement the experience you are having with us.

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By purchasing one of our packages, you can complement your stay with surf lessons at Praia da Areia Branca, Peniche, or Baleal, as well as yoga and other activities.

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