In our surf school, classes take place in Peniche, Baleal, or Praia da Areia Branca. The Peniche Peninsula, due to its geographical position, offers extraordinary conditions for surfing throughout the year, regardless of the skill level of each participant. Daily assessments of sea conditions are made, and beaches with the best conditions for the practice of the sport are selected, perfectly adapted to the participants’ skill levels.

We use high-quality wetsuits from the Deeply brand, providing you with greater comfort.

We offer boards of various types and sizes, suitable for the rapid progression of each individual.

Escola de Surf - UpRise

What is your level?

We have instructors with local experience and certifications from the Portuguese Surf Federation, ensuring that you can have fun in the waves safely and in small groups.


Beginner Level

Learn to put on the wetsuit and carry the surfboard

Introduction and basic concepts of surfing

Safety rules

Learn to catch waves and stand up in the whitewater

Learn to perform controlled turns in the whitewater

You are ready to move up to the next level and progress to green waves


Beginner Level +

√ Perfect controlled turns in the whitewater

√ Learn to catch your first green waves

√ Learn your first turns on green waves

√ Introduction to concepts of currents, tide phases, types of beaches, winds

You are ready to catch waves in the "Line Up"


Intermediate Level

√ Learn priority rules and safety in the "line-up"
√ Learn techniques that can save your life and the lives of others
√ Perfect paddle techniques and controlled turns on green waves
√ Learn wave travel manoeuvers (bottom and cutback)

You are ready to advance to the next level and move on to more radical manoeuvers


Advanced Level

√ Introduction and analysis of the surfer
√ Review of different types of waves
√ Deepen paddle and turning techniques for catching waves
√ Perfect your surf with correct body and arm movements
√ Learn more radical maneuvers, such as the floater

You are ready to take your surfing to the next level


Surf Lessons

Our lessons are suitable for all ages and we have various types of lessons, where you'll have the opportunity to learn or perfect your surfing at your own pace

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We offer various types of surf courses suitable for all ages and tailored to each individual’s level

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Escola de Surf - UpRise


If you don’t have your own surf gear, you can rent the necessary equipment from us to make the most of the best waves.

We offer the rental of wetsuits and surfboards in various sizes and types (Hard Board, Soft Board, and Fiber/Epoxy boards) that best suit your rapid progression and surf level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced).


  • 15% discount on rentals of 5 days or more
  • 30% discount on rentals after completing your Surf course
  • 50% discount on rentals during the days of your Surf course

(not cumulative with other ongoing promotions. Equipment rental is subject to a security deposit if you wish to keep the equipment overnight).

Rent Wetsuit: 15€
Rent Hard Board: 20€
Rent Hard Board + Wetsuit: 30€

Soft Board Extra: 5€ a day

What they say
about us

The instructor provided the basic concepts so that we could have our first surf lesson in the best way, 100% profitable, safe, and fun, good equipment. Looking forward to repeating, thank you.

Patrícia Silva

The right people in the right place!! I will never forgetthose tips and insights on reading theocean that Daniel taught me; it was such a holistic approach! The best spots on Earth to learn to surf from scratch to an advanced level.

Aleksandra Grzywacz

Great teaching - very experienced, attentive and encouraging. Good new equipment and friendly and flexible approach. Can't wait to go back.

Helen Alexander

Surf Spots

Our base is located at the Surf Camp.

To ensure you can surf the best waves for your level every day at the top spot, we have a mobile school.

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Complementary Activities

In addition to the surf school, we can also organize activities that complement the experience you are having with us.

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Packages with Accommodation

By purchasing one of our packages, you can complement your stay with surf lessons at Praia da Areia Branca, Peniche, or Baleal, as well as yoga and other activities.

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