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Our base is at the Surf Camp and all other accommodations in the surrounding area, but we have a mobile school so you can surf the best waves at the best spots every day.

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Monday: 9:00 – 18:00

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Sunday: 9:00 – 18:00

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  • Car: Mostly via highways and main roads, Bus, Taxis, Transfers, or Transport platforms like Uber.

  • Airport: The nearest airport to reach our accommodations is Lisbon Airport. However, you can also choose to arrive via Porto Airport or Faro Airport.

Points of Interest

It’s a small, quiet village by the sea, 67 kilometres from the city of Lisbon and its airport (50 minutes).

You have excellent restaurants and bars at your disposal with a view over the sea. Enjoy the sunset while dancing or relaxing to music.

Embrace the surf lifestyle and everything this small village and its beautiful beaches have to offer.

There are also surf shops and minimarkets for your shopping needs.

In the region, you have several places to visit vineyards and taste the excellent regional wines.

You also have the opportunity to taste and take home a souvenir of the DOC brandy from the demarcated region of Lourinhã, with unique characteristics.

It’s a peninsula with unique characteristics for surfing, 83 km from Lisbon (1 hour) … surfing is its identity. Enjoy the beautiful and long beaches with excellent waves for all levels, not forgetting the fun. Surf, Sun and Relax!

You have several bars and restaurants with excellent panoramic views of the waves at your disposal to enjoy the rest of your day.

Take the opportunity to relax while dining peacefully or enjoying a drink while watching the sunset.

You also have various surf shops or supermarkets for your shopping needs.

Did you know that Peniche has been producing canned sardines for over 2,000 years? Come and discover and taste the canned sardines produced here.

Take advantage and come surf in Peniche during the Rip Curl Pro World Championship and see the world’s best surfers riding the waves at Supertubos beach. It’s an unforgettable experience!

During this event, the city of Peniche transforms into the “Mecca” of surfing. Thousands of visitors and surfers from all over the world come to Peniche to witness the Rip Curl Pro.

The Berlengas Island is a natural reserve off the coast of Peniche.

It’s one of the best places for diving and birdwatching in Portugal.

Here, you’ll find nature in its purest state, and the landscapes and the color of the water will leave you speechless!

You’ll also have the opportunity to explore some of its caves and discover the secrets behind their fantastic colors, as well as hear stories told by the fishermen.

Come and discover the Giant Waves!

While you learn or perfect your surfing skills, take some time to visit Nazaré and witness the biggest waves surfed in the world.

It’s a fishing town with natural beauty and various traditional customs, such as fish stands drying in the sun and the 7 skirts worn by Nazarene women.

Óbidos is a romantic, picturesque, and well-preserved village.

You’ll discover a town with a castle within medieval walls and its craft shops.

It’s also known for its famous and delicious cherry liqueur, the Ginjinha de Óbidos.

As a City of Literature, it’s one of the 28 acclaimed by UNESCO.

It’s a theme park in Lourinhã and the largest outdoor museum in Portugal, dedicated to the history of Dinosaurs.

It features over 180 species of life-size dinosaurs divided across the 4 periods of Earth’s history.

Did you know that there’s a nest with 100 dinosaur eggs discovered in Lourinhã and that the Tyrannosaurus Rex measured around 15 meters?

Come and discover the magical and mystical Sintra by visiting the Pena Palace.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore the Pena Palace, which stands out as the recognized jewel of the Sintra Mountain Range. An imposing place with colorful tones, romanticism, and the eternal legacy of D. Fernando II, the Artist-King, often hidden under the veil of the mists that characterize the Sintra Mountain Range.