Terms of Use

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. 3FIN, Lda., owner of the national brand UPRISE, registered under number 549341, reserves the right to review and update the presented terms and conditions whenever deemed necessary.


  • Uprise is a specialized school for teaching surfing at all levels (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) and for all ages starting from 4 years old. However, for agesbelow 6 years, classes may need to be considered private lessons, depending on each case.
  • Uprise provides all the necessary equipment for lesson participation (surfing wetsuit and board), tailored to each individual’s skill level.
  • Uprise collaborates with experienced surf instructors who are local and accredited by the Portuguese Surf Federation (FPS) and the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ).


  • Lessons are conducted in groups or individually, for those opting for private lessons, in the Peniche or Praia da Areia Branca region.
  • Lessons can be purchased in the following formats: Single lesson; Lesson packages; Private lesson.
  • Each session lasts approximately 2 hours (including theory, practical preparation, and warm-up, with at least 1 hour of water practice).
  • Uprise maintains a limit of 5 to 6 students per instructor in group lessons, ensuring safety and service quality.

Our base is at the Surf Camp, but we have a mobile school van that allows us to provide lessons every day at the spot with the best waves for your level.

All instructions from the instructor must be followed, whether they are safety rules or rules regarding the use, transport, and storage of equipment during lessons.

The transfer and lesson start times will be scheduled by the instructor and made available on the app. A grace period of 10 minutes will be granted, and if you fail to appear at the scheduled time, we are not responsible for the loss of the transfer or surf lesson. It will not be replaced, indemnified, refunded, or substituted by third parties.

If you are not at our Surf Camp, you should be at the scheduled location (beach) at the appointed time.

For those at our Surf Camp who require a transfer to the lesson location, please arrive 30 minutes before the time indicated in the app.



Rental does not include sports or third-party insurance.

Daily rentals are subject to the retention of an identification document (passport, citizen card, or driver’s license). Whenever you wish to keep the equipment overnight, for rentals exceeding one day, a deposit must be made, which will be refunded upon the undamaged return of the equipment.

The rented equipment must be returned clean and free of sand (wetsuit and board). Rental timings will be coordinated with Uprise staff. A penalty of 15€ will be charged if you return the equipment outside of agreed hours. If Uprise is already closed, and you return the equipment the next day, a fee equivalent to the cost of a one-day rental will be applied.


All extra services provided by Uprise are subject to availability confirmation and may not be available during peak seasons.

The terms and conditions, as well as the booking and cancellation policies for all extra services provided by Uprise partners, will be sent/consulted at the time of booking or can be checked at any time with each partner. Extra services not acquired during the reservation must be subsequently arranged with the service provider or through the accommodation reception.



Lesson Reservations:

  • Lessons can be booked directly at the school, through email, WhatsApp, Instagram/Facebook, and preferably on the website or app.

Lesson Scheduling:

  • After making your reservation and with some advance notice, you will need to register on our app, update your profile with the most important details (weight, height, surfing level, or usual board), and record the desired days and times according to availability and the rules available for consultation on the app. Please check the app regularly for any cancellations, rescheduling, or changes in the lesson’s time/location.
  • Lesson scheduling and timing can be communicated in person at the school, through WhatsApp, and preferably on the platform (app) with a deadline until the day before the lesson, in accordance with the defined rules, which can be reviewed on the app.

If you wish to change the days for your lessons, you must do so through the app, following the defined rules, which can be accessed on the app. Failure to do so, and if you do not attend a previously scheduled lesson, it will not be replaced, indemnified, refunded, or substituted by third parties.

  • In the event of adverse conditions, the lesson will be rescheduled, and the new date and time will be communicated via SMS, WhatsApp, email, or preferably through the app.



  • From the moment of registration, all students are covered by individual personal accident insurance (in addition to liability insurance), valid for all sessions.


  • Lessons can be paid in cash at the school, by bank transfer, credit card, or MBway, and preferably purchased through the app.
  • Uprise does not have card payment available at the school facilities.
  • Lesson packages are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • All amounts include VAT at the current legal rate.



  • Once the student’s presence in the lesson is confirmed, it can only be rescheduled and canceled, except for reasons of illness or duly justified force majeure, following the rules available on the app.



The terms and conditions, as well as the booking and cancellation policies for each accommodation, are managed and the sole responsibility of each partner. They will be sent/consulted at the time of booking or can be checked at any time with each partner.

Regarding surf lessons or equipment rentals included in the package, they can be used on another date in the event of rescheduling the reservation or refunded in case of trip cancellation. In the case of rescheduling, they may be subject to an additional payment if the rescheduling is done for a period where the prices of the services are higher.



By making a reservation and enrolling in any surf lesson at Uprise (3FIN, Lda.), you declare to accept and agree to the following statements:

You declare to be aware of and acknowledge the inherent risks of surfing and possess the psycho-physical robustness to engage in these activities. You assume responsibility for participating in the lesson(s), and you cannot demand any compensation from Uprise (3FIN, Lda.) for any damages that may arise from the practice of the activity, except those covered by personal accident and liability insurance contracted by Uprise (3FIN, Lda.).

You also declare that you will take care of the equipment provided by Uprise (3FIN, Lda.) and will return it in the same state of conservation in which it was delivered. Failure to do so may result in bearing the cost of its repair or even its full replacement if it is damaged due to misuse or non-compliance with safety, usage, handling, and transportation rules during the lesson.


For legal purposes, you declare that you authorize the use of photographs and images captured by Uprise (3FIN, Lda.), and that these images and photographs may be used or reproduced, in any format and integrated into any material, either partially or in their entirety, within the scope of any advertising initiative or publications on any social media platform, promoted by Uprise (3FIN, Lda.). You hereby waive any rights or compensation that may result from this use, except for the rights inherent to the General Data Protection Regulation.


You authorize being transported in vehicles owned by Uprise (3FIN, Lda.) for the purpose of lessons, rentals, or other events, even if you are under 18 years old.